Major League Tri – Sarasota – Race Report

My teammate Calah Schlabach was out with a concussion so Kaitlin Donner filled in for her this race.  Kaitlin led off tagging Robbie in 3rd place just a few seconds behind second and ten seconds behind the leader.  Robbie tagged me off in fifth place about 20 – 30 seconds down from 3rd and 4th and 10 to 20 more seconds to first and second.

137972-019-008hI chased hard in the water and was able to catch third and fourth place in the water and ran out onto the bike in third.  I was passed getting into my shoes but worked hard to again catch third and fourth.  I realized quickly that I was going to be pulling the group for the whole lap so I pulled off and went to the back to catch my breath and rest my legs for a moment.  When the time was right I cut around the group hard and was able to drop the two girls.  I could see second place up the road so I put my head down and worked hard to make up as much time as I could.

137972-019-034hI ran out of T2 in third working hard to keep first and second in my sights.  Second place took over first and I was able to make up a little time on second.  In the last 400 meters I was caught by fourth place but remained a few seconds behind tagging off to Ben in fourth.

Ben was able to pass third and second in the water and came out just behind first place.  Ben cruised into T2 in first place and never looked back.  He crossed the line in first taking the win for our team with only a 7 second margin to second.  What a great race!

Exciting to take our first team win in Sarasota and a great confidence booster leading into Mont Tremblant (more to come on that…).  Next up is Lincoln, Nebraska on August 27th.  If you want to join me there’s a mini tri, sprint and olympic distance for amateurs, pro panels and clinics, a concert and more.  Check it out on  You can use my code ‘Lendway’ for a 25% discount on your registration.  They also have great hotel deals.  Would love to see you out at the races.  Happy racing!

Check out the results. View more photos.


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