YWCA Women’s Tri – Race Report

Do you know how many women finished the USA Triathlon Olympic Distance National Championships this year? 1181. Do you know how many women finished the sprint version of that race? 696. The YWCA Women’s tri had 935 women finish the race. That is not too far off from the number of finishers at the National … More YWCA Women’s Tri – Race Report

ITU Clermont Draft Legal – Pro Debut – Race Report

The week leading into my very first race of the year was busy and didn’t leave me with much time to actually think about my coming race.  Between work, workouts, running to appointments for my knee pain, packing and traveling, my mind was on overdrive and I was maximizing every free minute, even more so … More ITU Clermont Draft Legal – Pro Debut – Race Report

Race Packing

I thought it would be timely, with the season approaching, to talk about packing for races (my season opener is Saturday, you can read more on my schedule on the Gear West Blog).  I keep a packing list for race travel and race day gear on my phone so I can stress a little less … More Race Packing

December Update

Here I am on my lunch break, walking through the downtown skyways writing my blog in a note on my phone. Normally I’d be at the pool but the time has come, finally, to take a real break from swimming. I haven’t taken more than a couple days away from the pool since my 16 … More December Update

Dream Bike Vacations

It’s that time of year where I’m normally thinking about putting my tri schedule together for the year. Since I’m still waiting on some schedules to come out I decided to think about something completely different, my dream bike vacations. So far I’ve come up with four but feel free to comment and give me … More Dream Bike Vacations

Quick Update

When the season ended I was pretty ready for a break. I took some time away from the bike and away from running. I took a week or so to get back into workout mode for each sport before I added some more structured workouts again. It was a much needed reboot for my mind … More Quick Update

A Little Ink

The October 15-28 edition of the Villager, a local St. Paul newspaper, featured an article highlighting my recent win at the ITU World Championships.  A huge thanks to Sarah Barker, for stopping by a couple weekends ago to chat over coffee about my experience at World’s, my background and triathlon training.  Another thanks to Brad Stauffer, who stopped … More A Little Ink

Swim Workouts

Now that most of us are moving into the off season you may have started thinking about what you’d like to work on for next year. Or maybe you’re still enjoying some down time and just getting back into the swing of things. No matter what you’re up to, I thought I’d share some tidbits … More Swim Workouts