Super Sprint – Race Report

Swim 1:

Thanks Gear West teammate Bridget McCoy for the awesome shot. Now the question is why am I not kicking?
Thanks Gear West teammate Bridget McCoy (see her feet) for the awesome shot. Now the question is why am I not kicking?
  • In the last minutes before the race start almost everyone decided to take their wetsuits off for the first 325m swim, myself included! In the end it seemed like a wash with it on/off.
  • LOVE the dive start format!
  • I got smothered in the first 100 meters and decided to drop back and move outside for clear water. I forgot in ITU style racing it’s much more important to be aggressive at the start.


  • I tried to legitimately run hard and not let too many people pass me on the 300m run back to our bikes. The fact that Kevin O’Connor was running alongside me with his GoPro was motivating as well.
  • At my spot I loved that I was able to quickly put on my new Lazer Z1 helmet because it doesn’t catch and pull my hair, just slides on smooth! It also has a nice spot to put your pony tail. J

Bike 1:

  • This is where I lost the race. We had to be in our shoes by the end of the first lap (each lap ~750m). I was using my new shoes and they were so stiff I couldn’t pop the shoe open after stepping on it. I pulled a little too hard trying to get my foot in and the shoe came off. I dropped my bike ran back for my shoe, got my shoe on and the strap came out. I decided it didn’t matter, went to mount and my chain had fallen off and was jammed between the big chain ring and the derailleur. It took me a few good yanks to release the chain and get it back on the small chain. At this point I was lapped by the leaders but tried to get back in the game.
  • On my last lap I repassed the athletes going out for their run.
I actually look like I’m trying pretty hard.

Run 1:

  • Just a 1.5K run so I tried to hit the gas from the start, I wanted to catch someone!


  • What’s T3?!?!
  • I removed my shoes grabbed my cap and googles and put my cap on while running around the bikes to the swim ramp. (Some athletes chose to keep their cap and goggles in the suit and put them on while finishing the run).
  • Got my goggles on running down the ramp to dive off the dock, SO FUN!!

Swim 2:

  • Of course a goggle filled with water but I told myself it was fine, I used to play water polo and we never swam with goggles; who needs to see?
  • There was an athlete about 50 yards up and I caught up to her just at the exit ramp.

Bike 2:

  • I got out onto the course behind 14th place but I got dropped trying to get into my shoes yet again.
  • I did the bike solo but it was very motivating having tons of my Minnesota friends, family and fans out there cheering me on every lap.

Run 2:

  • 14th place was just ahead of me; I caught her by the end of lap two and settled in just behind her.
  • On the straight away I made my move to pull ahead, not letting off the gas until crossing the finish line.

Losing the shoe and dropping the chain really killed my race but I had a ton of fun out there either way. Racing in Milwaukee was awesome with so many friends, family and fans cheering me on throughout the race. The race felt much more like racing at home, which I miss!   Thanks to all of you for hanging out after your race to cheer me on.   While I wish I could have had a better performance there’s not much you can do if you have the slightest issue in a race like this. Looking forward to hopefully racing this format again next year in Omaha!

Check out the results.  View more photos.

I'm the old lady in the bunch ;-)
I’m the old lady in the bunch 😉

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